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April 15, 2019

Custom Made Mouthguards for Facial Protection

April is National Facial Protection Month and that means it’s time to schedule an appointment for you and your family for a custom made mouthguard.

Custom-made mouthguards are just as essential as a helmet and kneepads, especially if you want to keep you and your family out of the emergency room on a Saturday afternoon.

Aren’t All Mouthguards the Same?

Not all mouthguards are the same. According to Dr. David Schaefer, a custom-made mouth protector may cost more than the other two types of mouthguards, but is much more affordable than an unscheduled trip to the hospital in an ambulance.

There are three types of mouthguards available. Conventional, which is available at your pharmacy or local sports store, boil and bite, also available over the counter and custom made mouth protectors, only available from your dentist in Independence.

Conventional Mouthguards

Conventional mouthguards provide a one size fits all solution to people who participate in sports. Unfortunately, everyone’s mouth is different. That means you will not get the same fit that you would from a custom made mouth guard. On top of that, conventional one size fits all mouth protectors are often left in the gym bag because they are so uncomfortable. People complain that these types of mouth protectors make it hard to talk and even breathe.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and bite mouthguards are placed in hot water to make them pliable. Once warm you put it in your mouth and bite down making an impression of your teeth. A bit better than conventional mouthguards because they are slightly molded to your teeth, they still don’t provide the best protection against mouth injuries as once again, athletes find boil and bit mouthguards just as uncomfortable as conventional mouth protectors.

Custom Made Mouthguards

The best of the three, custom made mouthguards are made to fit your teeth because a mold is made. Once the mold is finished your new mouthguard will be ready for play. Made out of dental plastic, custom-made mouth protectors are comfortable, allow you to talk and even breathe.

This Facial Protection Month, don’t take any chances and schedule an appointment for your entire family for custom-made mouthguards in Independence.

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