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March 15, 2021

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Safe Experience

professional_teeth_whitening_IndependenceWhite teeth seem to be part of the uniform these days. However, according to your cosmetic dentist in Independence, whitening teeth to the point of no return isn’t good for your teeth or your smile.

Over the Counter Whitening Products

According to Dr. David Schaefer, professional teeth whitening is the only safe way to lighten your smile.

Over the counter whitening products, such as gels, pastes, strips, rinses and one size fits all whitening trays are great, but they won’t get your teeth as white. The whitening products used by your cosmetic dentist are stronger meaning better results.

Unfortunately, people who use over the counter whitening products have a tendency to leave the product on too long. Most use it too often as well.

If you have ever Goggled tooth whitening mishaps you will see that using too much whitener too often can have disastrous results. People who use too much whitener complain of chalky and bluish looking teeth. They also complain of sensitivity.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Just like anything, you will also get better results from a professional. Dr. Schaefer is an experienced cosmetic dentist who provides patients with a safe and effective tooth whitening experience.

Your Independence cosmetic dentist uses custom fitted whitening trays with a prescription gel. Unlike one-size fits all trays, custom-made trays lay secure against your teeth. This prevents seepage that can cause sensitivity and even gum damage.

Teeth Whitening for Results

Depending on your customized prescription, you will wear your whitening trays overnight or once each day. You will begin to see results in about 14 days. It’s important to note that professional teeth whitening only works on natural teeth.

If you have old restorations, no amount of whitening product will make them shine. Keep in mind that if you have interior stains for tetracycline or fluoride use as a child professional teeth whitening may not work either.

For more information regarding professional teeth whitening, or any other type of cosmetic dentistry solutions, call, text or send a DM for an appointment. A whiter and brighter smile is just a call away make it today.

May 15, 2018

Professional Teeth Whitening May Be All You Need

Professional teeth whitening could be just what you need if your dull smile is making you self-conscious. Your cosmetic dentist in Independence can give you a beautiful new grin with the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world, teeth whitening.

If you have healthy teeth that have not been restored, you could be the perfect candidate for teeth whitening. People with porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding, or dental implants will not see results with professional teeth whitening. If you have interior staining, tooth whitening is not a good option. If you have restored teeth and intrinsic staining, ask Dr. Schaefer about cosmetic dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

What Causes Teeth Staining

There are several reasons that you may be dealing with brown, yellow, or stained teeth. If you smoke, drink coffee or enjoy a glass or two of red wine your teeth will stain. Certain medications, such as tetracycline can also cause teeth staining. If you overused fluoride products as a child, you may also have interior staining.

The Process

If Dr. Schaefer believes you are a good candidate for professional tooth whitening, you will be fitted with custom-made teeth whitening trays. You will also be given a prescription gel to use with your new tooth whitening trays. You will wear your trays for about thirty minutes every day for two weeks. The gel, unlike what you find at your local pharmacy is stronger than other over the counter pastes, gels, and mouth rinses. You will see amazing results with professional teeth whitening from your dentist in Independence.

Often times Dr. Schaefer will combine professional teeth whitening with other cosmetic dentistry procedures in order to match your newly whitened smile. Ask your Independence cosmetic dentist what other treatments are available.

If you have been considering a change this, summer call or click and schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment with your dentist in Missouri. Dr. Schaefer can give you a new smile in as little as two weeks.

Call or click today.

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