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Cosmetic Dentistry in Independence, MO

independence cosmetic dentistDo you take pride in your smile? Are there things that you wish you could change about it? Dr. David A. Schaefer offers an array of cosmetic dentistry services to patients who would like to alter the appearance of their teeth at his Independence, MO dentist office. During your first appointment, Dr. Schaefer will take the time to speak with you about what you would like to improve and can explain the benefits of each available cosmetic dentistry service. You will work together to determine which plan of action will best meet your needs. Just call us today and schedule your consultation to begin.

Cosmetic Dentistry at David A. Schaefer, DDS

For minor chips or cracks in the enamel of your tooth, Dr. Schaefer may suggest cosmetic bonding to repair the damage. This cosmetic dentistry procedure involves shading a dental composite to match the color of your teeth, and then using it to build up an area that has been broken or chipped. The entire cosmetic bonding process can be completed in a single appointment, which means that you’ll be able to leave the office of David A. Schaefer with an intact row of teeth.

Would you like to brighten your smile? Professional teeth whitening can lift stains and make enamel up to 8 shades brighter for a refreshed image. Dr. Schaefer can examine your enamel and plan the best teeth whitening treatment for the needs of your individual smile. This cosmetic dentistry service has been proven to erase permanent stains that simple brushing won’t fix, like those from smoking, drinking coffee, and other marks that reside deep within the tooth.

If you have teeth which are severely damaged or are malformed, veneers are most likely the best cosmetic dentistry option for you. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are permanently attached to the front of the teeth to make it look like you have a natural movie-star smile. The best part is that your veneer will be created to look realistic, so no one will be the wiser. It is possible for a single veneer or multiple veneers to be placed. It all depends on your preferences for your smile makeover.

Contact us today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry appointment at our Independence, MO dentist office. The entire team at David A. Schaefer, DDS is ready to help transform your image and boost your confidence.

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