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General Dentistry in Independence, MO

independence general dentist 64055It’s imperative for oral and overall health to pair diligent at-home care with routine visits to a trusted dentist. This is because simple brushing and flossing is not always enough to reduce and eliminate a buildup of disease-forming plaque and tartar. Dr. David A. Schaefer of Independence, MO regularly sees patients twice a year for general dentistry appointments. If you would like to schedule an appointment at David A. Schaefer, DDS, please take a moment to call our office today.

What Happens During a General Dentistry Visit?

At each appointment, Dr. Schaefer will thoroughly examine your teeth for any signs of cavities or other problems. After your examination, a skilled member of his team will perform a deep cleaning to rid your enamel of naturally occurring plaque to prevent other oral health complications from progressing. Dr. Schaefer or the team can provide you with important information to help refresh your knowledge of dental health care so that you can stay up-to-date on important information. With biannual general dentistry exams and cleanings, your smile can stay intact and beautiful.

What About Cavities?

If Dr. Schaefer does find areas of decay, it may be possible to repair the tooth and repair the enamel with a filling. Dr. Schaefer provides tooth-colored composite fillings to blend into your smile. This composite will be shaded to match the precise color of your tooth, shaped to fill in the area affected by the cavity, and then hardened with a special light to complete the procedure. You’ll leave the Independence, MO general dentist office with bright, renewed smile.

Patients whose third molars have grown in should ask Dr. Schaefer about dental sealants. These sealants are clear and painted on to add another layer of protection to your teeth to provide an additional barrier from decay-causing germs. Dental sealants are mainly applied to molars and other teeth that bear the brunt force from chewing, but you can ask Dr. Schaefer about what he recommends for your unique smile. He and the dental team at David A. Schaefer, DDS are available to answer any questions that you may have about your overall healthcare routine.

You are also encouraged to ask about any of our dental services during your general dentistry exam. If you would like to know more about a certain procedure we offer or if you would like to address an issue that may arise regarding your oral health, please do so at this time. The entire team at Dr. Schaefer’s dentist office in Independence, MO is ready to help you meet your every need.

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