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Laser Dentistry in Independence, MO

Independence laser dentistryDo you like drills when it comes to dentistry? Neither do we. That’s why Dr. David A. Schaefer has trained to perform laser dentistry in Independence, MO to enhance his offered dental services. The use of lasers in dental techniques is effective in reducing the risk of post-procedural infections, produces less pain than traditional scalpel surgeries do, and even seals the incision as it operates. Ask if laser dentistry is an option for your planned procedure to help your treatment become more efficient for you and your dentist.

Laser Dentistry in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental lasers are used frequently during cosmetic dentistry procedures, especially with laser gum treatments. Patients who feel as though their gums are too long as compared to their teeth can elect to have surgery to reshape the gum line and show more enamel of the tooth. With laser dentistry, Dr. Schaefer can more precisely pinpoint the incision to ensure that your procedure is quick and highly efficient. Additionally, the intense heat of the laser will prevent the gums from being compromised by infection, as it cauterizes the area as Dr. Schaefer works. It’s also reported to promote a shorter recovery time, so you can show off your revitalized smile to the world that much sooner.

Laser Dentistry in Restorative Dentistry

Advanced dental lasers are highly powerful and can be used to rid your tooth of decay. During a fillings placement or root canal therapy, Dr. Schaefer can utilize dental lasers to penetrate enamel and clean out bacteria, which means that you won’t have to endure uncomfortable drills to return your teeth to normal health. Simply ask Dr. Schaefer if laser dentistry is appropriate for your specific restorative dentistry treatment and reap the benefits of updated dental techniques.

It’s also common for dentists to use lasers for gum disease therapy. Due to the precision that lasers provide, the beam can cut away diseased tissue and eliminate the germs that reside deep in the recesses of periodontal pockets. This service is excellent for patients with advanced cases of gum disease, because the lasers can offer a way for them to retain more of their existing healthy gum tissue. Consider talking to Dr. Schaefer about the possibility of using dental lasers at your next scheduled gum disease appointment.

Contact us today to learn more about laser dentistry in Independence, MO. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and explain the benefits of this technology. Dr. Schaefer looks forward to helping you maintain your smile at your next scheduled dental exam.

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