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Teeth Whitening in Independence, MO

Independence teeth whiteningDo you find yourself wishing for a row of pearly whites, instead of having teeth that appear dulled and stained? Many people feel self-conscious about the shade of their enamel and want to change it so that they can take pride in their image. Dr. David A. Schaefer understands and provides effective teeth whitening for his patients. With this revolutionary treatment, you should be able to soon proudly show off an unblemished set of teeth. Contact the dentist office of David A. Schaefer, DDS to schedule your appointment.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

There are many reasons why teeth may appear to grow darker over the years.

All of these can contribute to the discoloration of enamel. Unfortunately, when staining occurs within the enamel of a tooth, simple brushing cannot buffer away the marks. When this happens, call our Independence, MO dentist office, and we will be ready to help you eliminate stains and upgrade your image.

Dr. Schaefer will speak with you about your expectations for teeth whitening before thoroughly examining your teeth to make sure that there aren’t any underlying problems with your teeth, like cavities, before proceeding with planning your teeth whitening. We want to make sure that nothing is missed during this cosmetic dentistry appointment.

The Teeth Whitening Process

You’ll be fitted with whitening trays and given prescription whitening gel. At home, you will be able to load the trays, which closely resemble mouthguards, with the teeth whitening solution and wear for the prescribed amount of time (usually around half an hour). Because your trays were custom fitted, the gel will penetrate deep into the tooth, essentially eradicating stains while strengthening your tooth. Doing this daily for about two weeks can lead to a completely revitalized smile.

This teeth whitening procedure is often combined with other services to transform a patient’s bite. If you want to whiten your teeth but are also planning on receiving other dental services like crown and bridge therapy or having veneers placed, have your teeth whitened first. This way your dental prosthetics can be created to match your bright new smile, rather than a dulled appearance. It’s also important to note that these other treatments will not respond to teeth whitening like natural enamel will, so see Dr. Schaefer regularly to keep your smile looking its best.

Contact us today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment at our Independence, MO dentist office. We look forward to making your smile shine!

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